Being present on Social media is no longer a choice.  Regardless of whether your brand is online or not we know that consumers are constantly seeking information about products, services, events, reviews and other people’s recommendations.  All this information is directly or indirectly connected to your company.


More than having an online profile is knowing how to use it effectively. That way you can increase your brand awareness, and develop a strong and creative personality. It allows you to connect directly to the public; enabling engagement and interaction with businesses and clients.


Our focus is to help you move away from the amateur social media culture; helping you to build an impactful and attractive personality for your brand. It is important to invest in high-quality photography and design in order to make the visual content more desirable.


Kalopsia Koncept is here to help you with your photography and social channels in order to get more visits to your website and implement a strategy to achieve a larger digital footfall.

Firstly we would detect what social media channels are relevant for your target and business.  Following this, we will feed those channels with content related to your brand and universe, creating a closer relationship with the public.


Every company has different needs, so together we can build a photography schedule to enable us to always be feeding your social media channels and website with up to date and relevant content.

If you no longer want to guess what you should be doing to grow your business through social media – you need a strategy! Let’s have some fun whilst we cultivate the perfect combination of social media marketing strategies to give your public more reasons and opportunities to purchase your products and services.

This service is ideal if your brand already has someone responsible for the social media and you are already present in that world. We would support  and guide your company to make the most out of social media and teach some tricks on how to organise yourself strategically to achieve better results. We could also take professional photography to create bespoke visual content for your channels. 

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