(noun) Greek 

the delusion of making things more beautiful than they actually are.


This is what we do....

Well, almost! Through the art of photography we deliver the most distinctive character to your images.  Every project is unique and bespoke and we endeavour to express the deepest beauty in each individual detail. 


It takes just 13 milliseconds for the brain to process an image, meaning every image we see has a tremendous impact.  Whether consciously or unconsciously, every image we encounter builds our awareness and creates memories.


At Kalopsia Koncept, whether shooting a person, brand or place, we work with you to understand your goals to enable us to tell your story and express your personality. 


We understand that sometimes its not easy to be in front of the camera, or to expose one's own culture, beliefs and values through an image. That’s why at Kalopsia Koncept we aim to give you more than just outstanding and professional photography.  We will ensure to help you get inspired and identify your needs with each photo while also having a lot of fun.



What inspires me is photography and social media. After graduating in Communications I have always been fascinated by the way brands present themselves to the public. 

After working with several different brands and having sole responsibility for their social media channels, I decided to combine my two passions and help small businesses to build their personality through images. 

I live my life with an air of fluidity and I'm not averse to adventure.  Working in different industries, living in different continents and travelling all over the world has strongly influenced my creative side, making me curious and interested in working with different niches, products and channels. 

I can't wait to click and post about your new restaurant in Dubai, clothes brand in Chiang Mai, engagement in 

El Nido, furniture shop in Sweden, hen party in Hawaii... I am a versatile individual who wishes to live all those experiences with you. 

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